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AR400 HDF "High Density Foam" Cyclone slat profile

The AR4OO HDF "High Density Foam" cyclone slat is coated before forming, which ensures all metal surfaces are protected from corrosion. The shape of the profile has been designed specifically for increased strength and security for high wind or high-risk applications. The slat is roll formed in Ozroll's Adelaide manufacturing facility to the highest of world standards. The German built roll forming machine is the most advanced of its type in Australia today.

The Slat ProfileAR400 perforated slat

It is this remarkable increase in density that offers the HDF product such remarkable characteristics. The slat inserts are actually screwed into the foam rather then being stapled as per the standard slats. The ability to screw into the foam offers the extremely remarkable strength
The two part polyurethane chemicals are mixed together at the very last moment before being injected into the open slat section. Once the chemical is mixed a chemical reaction begins instantaneously and the foam begins to transform from a liquid to a solid
The chemical reaction generates heat and in some cases the slat profile will be over 90c at the end of the roll-former.

Technical Specifications

Coating: The base material has a two-coat system of primer plus topcoat, which is based on a polyurethane/polyamide binder. The polyester is cross-linked with melamine or blocked isocyanate resins and modified with Polyamide to provide the high resistance to abrasion.

Mechanical Properties: The AR4OO HDF Cyclone slat is a double walled cavity, curved 4Omm profile with PU foam injected during the roll forming process. This process provides economical strength and insulation qualities while maintaining exceptional working performance of the slat. The curved shape of the slat provides minimal roll sizes and optimal lateral strength.

Nominal Thickness: 8.7mm Weight per sqm: 6.0kg.

Performance: The AR4OO HDF Cyclone slat profile is expected to perform satisfactorily 20 years in normal climatic conditions, and when fitted under the specifications listed. During this period, normal weathering of the coating is expected with a reduction in gloss and a gradual uniform colour change over the lifetime of the coating. The coating of the AR4OO HDF Cyclone slat profile carries a nominal 5-year warranty against fading due to normal weathering conditions.