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Extruded Guide and Bottom Bar

The guide is the section that the slat profile actually runs up and down in, and supports the shutter head box. The bottom bar is the section along the bottom of the shutter curtain (slats) which has the primary function of straightening the curtain. The guide and bottom bar sections of the roller shutter are extruded aluminium and coated with a unique finish to the shutter industry. This coating has been computer matched to the colour of the head box, and will be slightly different to the slat profile due to paint types.


The Guide Section

Extruded guide
The guide has a heavy-duty section that has been specifically designed for this shutter. The guide measures 69mm x 25mm x 3mm,
As you can see in this image the slat insert is restrained into the guide profile. This restraining design considerably increases the force needed to disengage the slat from the guide. The slat may deflect slightly, as is common, however once it reaches a certain point the inserts will act on two flanges shown in the guide and this will reduce the deflection.


Slat Inserts

Each insert is securely fastened using two 25mm long screws pilot drilled and fixed directly into the High Density Foam.This design incorporated the benefits of the High Density Foam, specially designed restrained slat inserts. These inserts are designed to integrate with the guide section and actually form a positive and structural connection with the guide.

The outside wall thickness is actually thicker than the backside. This is to compensate for the offset design of the restrained insert and the fact that in most cases the forces are in the outward direction. We have designed in a small 'v' groove on the face of the guide that should always be facing the outside of the shutter.

HDF Restrained Guide must be modified


Please note: To comply with the Cyclone Rating the shutter must be fitted with a Bottom Guide to the full width of the exposed curtain, allowing the curtain bottom bar section to close down into the bottom guide section.

The maximum single span that we would advise is 3.6 meters

Technical Specifications

Coating: Introducing the Durra Coat 5000 Series of architectural coatings. This system has been designed as a one-coat finish for extruded aluminium using electrostatic spray application. The Durra Coat DC5OOO-CX system is exclusive to our product in the roller shutter industry and carries a fifteen (15) year guarantee against fading.

Mechanical Properties: The guide profile is approximately 69mm x 25mm x 3mm and is designed with a hollow section on the outer side. This hollow allows for multiple fixing points as well as supporting the head box end plate. The bottom bar section has a cover size of approximately 51 mm and is 7.Smm wide. This is a multi hollow extrusion that adds strength to the profile, while allowing the fixing of concealed bottom bar stoppers.